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Our Programs

Intro to Tech

Intro to Tech is a 10-week series that will introduce elementary students to fundamental CS concepts. The students will then be prepared to begin coding and using the Internet with ease.

Intro to CS

Intro to CS is a 10-week series geared toward middle schoolers. This program introduces students to coding, from the basics of computers to coding in Python.

Intro to Java

Intro to Java is an introductory program that introduces middle schoolers to Java and effectively prepares them for advanced topics, such as those covered in Diving Deeper Into Java.

Diving Deeper Into Java

Diving Deeper Into Java's goal is to expand on basic computer science knowledge and introduce students to a vast and more complicated world of CS through the usage of the Java programming language. This program effectively prepares students for the AP Computer Science A course.


Appnovators is an 8-week series that will fast track its students into developing cool android mobile applications. The primary programming language Appnovators will cover is AppInventor, a basic drag-and-drop app development platform.


AInnovators is a comprehensive 10-week series that introduces middle schoolers to Python and basic AI algorithms. We start with the basics of python and move on to focus on AI algorithms and applications of AI in the real world.