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Empowering kids of all backgrounds to pursue computer science in the future.


We are a student-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created in 2018 with the mission to make free, effective, and engaging CS education accessible to all. We teach topics ranging from mobile app development to AI at schools and libraries to underrepresented youth in effort to make computer science all-inclusive.

We strive to foster a genuine interest in CS within our participants by conveying our curricula through real-world applications that they can personally relate to and connect with.

Our Initiatives


With over 10 across the US and Canada, Codenovate's chapters hold 8-week series at local schools and libraries to teach kids mobile app development and AI.

Virtual Workshops

Codenovate's virtual workshops introduce middle and high school students to various CS topics such as web development, Java, Python, AI, and robotics.

YouTube Channel

Codenovate's YouTube Channel contains recordings of our virtual workshops along with additional tutorials and resources for students made by our team.


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